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3 Things To Do Before Renting A Crane

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If you are hoping to use a crane soon and don't have one yourself, you could be thinking about renting a crane. Renting a crane from an equipment rental company can be a great way to make use of this type of equipment without having to shell out all of the money necessary to buy a used or new crane. Before you rent a crane, though, these are three things that you are probably going to need to do. 

1. Think About the Specifics of Your Project

First of all, you should think about the specifics of your project. You will need to consider what you will be lifting with the crane and how heavy it is. You should consider the size of the space where you will be working and the type of terrain that you will be setting the crane up on. Providing all of these details when you contact a crane rental service to make arrangements is a good idea. Then, someone from the crane rental service — who should be quite experienced with cranes — can recommend the best crane rental for you. Then, you can make sure that the crane that you rent is capable of getting the job done properly.

2. Determine the Timeline for Your Project

There are a couple of timeline-related matters that you should think about before renting a crane. For one thing, you should consider when you are going to get started with your project, and you should try to contact a crane rental service well in advance of the start date since this can help you be sure that there is a crane available for you to rent when you need it. You should also think about approximately how long the project will take; this allows you to make arrangements to rent the crane for a proper rental period.

3. Determine Who Will Operate the Crane

If you or someone who works for you is a licensed crane operator, then you might not have to worry about finding someone who can operate the crane safely and properly when you rent it. However, if you don't know anyone who is a licensed crane operator, you are going to need to find someone who can operate the crane for you. You can look for a crane operator yourself, or you can ask the crane rental company if they can send someone out to operate the crane for you.

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