Plying with the Boys: Renting Heavy Construction Equipment for Fun

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Ensuring Your Equipment Rental Proceeds Smoothly

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Construction equipment rental actually isn't as intimidating as many people make it out to be. Yes, there is a lot of detail that you have to keep in mind, but the process itself isn't bad. Rental companies also go out of their way to help you with faulty equipment replacement and transporting the rented equipment to and from your worksite, so the whole project from start to finish should be relatively calm. If you are new to renting construction equipment, do keep these three things in mind. They'll help you avoid last-minute mix-ups.

Ask About Operators

Your crew likely won't have all the operating experience needed to use every piece of construction equipment you need to rent. Some rental companies have trained operators that will accompany the equipment and operate it for you; others will not have operators waiting, and you'll need to arrange for an operator on your own. Unless you're sure you've got a worker onsite who can operate the equipment you're renting, ask the rental company if they have operators who will arrive with the equipment. Note that you will have to pay extra to have an operator from the rental company; their fee isn't included in the basic rental price.

Identify the Models You Want Ahead of Time

Identify which models of the equipment you want ahead of time. If you're actually in the market to buy some construction equipment but aren't sure which ones might be best, you can rent the models you're thinking of to test them out. Rent one for a few weeks, and then rent another for a few weeks. And remember, if one isn't working out well, you can contact the rental company about an early exchange.

Ensure Your Insurance Will Cover the Equipment, Work, and Operator!

You would think your insurance would cover any equipment used on-site, any work done on-site, and any operators from the rental company who showed up. However, this might not be the case. Always contact your insurance company first and verify that anything you're renting, anything you do with the rented equipment, and any operators who are included are covered under your policy. You might have to add extra coverage, or you might find that the equipment may not be covered because of a specific concern or feature on the equipment.

Take it step by step. Eventually, you'll get used to the process of renting construction equipment and will be able to complete it quickly.