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Electric Conduit Benders: The Bending Tool Every Electrician Needs

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Electric conduit benders are machines designed to bend conduits without affecting any of their exterior or interior diameters. They come in handy when you want to bend an electric conduit to fit around a corner, run over or under the ceiling, or go around permanent structures like pillars.

Why Do You Need a Conduit Bender?

Conduit benders help you in many ways. Some of the benefits of these bending equipment include:

1.       Avoid welding

Some electricians opt to use welding to join pipes. But the welding process is more time-consuming and laborious than conduit bending. Plus, joint welding is prone to defects. These defects increase the chances of cracking in conduits. You can avoid all this hassle by using a conduit bender to bend electric tubes and provide a quality finish.

2.       Prevent leaks

Improper fittings and fractures are the primary causes of leaks in electric conduits. When electric conduits leak in water, the results can be disastrous. The reason being moisture causes electric wires to rust. Plus, when electric wires come into contact with water, they can cause a short circuit, which often causes fire or could potentially electrocute you. Fortunately, since electric benders aren't prone to human error and don't damage conduits like welding, leaking and its consequences won't be a problem.

3.       Precision and perfection

Your reputation as an electrician depends on numerous things, including the layout and quality of your electric conduit bends. It doesn't matter whether you need to bend the pipe to form a right angle, offset, or saddle; precision is critical. And the best way to ensure your bends are seamless and fit specific surfaces like walls and ceilings is by using an electric conduit bender.

4.       Eco-friendliness

Electric conduit benders don't rely on fluids like hydraulic oil. On the other hand, alternative bending tools, including hydraulic pipe benders, can't do without them. And in the event of a leak, these fluids harm the environment. But since electric benders are not predisposed to leaking, they provide an eco-friendly environment. Moreover, these machines don't produce excessive noise or heat and come with recyclable components therefore more friendly to use.

Ready to Buy an Electric Conduit Bender?             

A conduit bender is a significant investment and a very important tool for electricians as well. When choosing one, consider your operational requirements. That means you should buy a machine that will match the speed of your operations and the type of electric conduits you use. Finally, buy your electric bender from a manufacturer and supplier that offers quality products and after-sale services like inspection and maintenance.