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How To Keep Construction Workers Safe And Productive During High-Rise Projects

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If your new construction company has recently been hired to handle the task of cleaning a high-rise building in the city, there are some important things you'll need to do to make sure the work gets done efficiently. If your company does an impressive job within a reasonable amount of time, the client may decide to hire your team to help with several other important projects while spreading the word about the impeccable service to other potential clients. The best way to get things done is to have the right supplies and to make sure the workers have a safe way to complete these tasks.

Put a Supportive Scaffold Together

It would be nearly impossible for workers to reach certain parts of a high-rise building if it weren't for scaffolding. The scaffold is the structure you'll need to put together so that the workers have a safe place to stand and move around while they're completing the assorted cleaning tasks that have been requested of them. There are several materials that may be used to create the scaffold, such as:

  • Wood boards
  • Steel boards
  • Steel beams
  • Aluminum decking

The specific materials you decide to use may depend on a few different factors. Some of these factors would include:

  • The number of people who will stand on the scaffold at one time
  • The types of supplies that the workers will use while on the scaffold
  • The desired weight limit

When putting a scaffold together, you'll need to follow scaffolding safety guidelines to ensure you're putting together something that is strong enough to hold your workers and the supplies used to clean the high-rise building simultaneously. Once it's built, make sure the workers don't accidentally overload it. Scaffolding could end up tipping over if the weight surpasses the limit, which could quickly turn into a dangerous situation.

Provide Fall Gear to the Workers

Because the work involves cleaning a high-rise building, the workers may be standing on a scaffold while hundreds of feet in the air. It's important for each person to wear protective gear as a safety precaution. Not only is it a way to keep the workers safe, but it's required for projects that involve such heights. All workers should wear the standard safety vests with a fall protection harness that wraps around the chest and the legs.

Your workers may know what they're doing, but it'll be hard for them to get the job done if you don't set up the scaffolding and provide the fall gear. As long as you're keeping your employees safe while they work, they should be able to get things done within the estimated time frame and leave a great impression on the client. Contact your local construction equipment provider, like, today to talk about which type of scaffolding is best for your project.