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4 Qualities Of A Reliable Crane Operator

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Becoming a crane operator is not a walk in the park, and requires skills that may not even come to mind when you think of operating a piece of heavy machinery. A crane operator is relied upon by entire construction crews to get work done quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of hassle. If you think you may be the right kind of person for this work, but are curious about the qualities necessary for such a job, take a look below at just four of the most important ones:

Never Make Assumptions

One of the most important qualities a crane operator can have is the refusal to make assumptions about the equipment they work with on a daily basis. Taking for granted that the crane you are operating is in good working condition can be risky at best and disastrous at worst. A good crane operator always inspects his or her crane to ensure that everything is on the up and up before beginning the day's work.

Spatial Intelligence

Social scientists will often speak of multiple intelligences, meaning that different people can express intelligence in different ways. One of these is spatial intelligence, or the ability to quickly comprehend three-dimensional shapes and puzzles. This skill is crucial when it comes to construction work, as you must be able to visualize how the job you are doing affects your immediate surroundings. This is especially true of crane operators, who are in control of the largest single piece of machinery on any given site.

Knowledge of Procedure

Another of the most important qualities you can possess as a crane operator is a knowledge of procedures in the field. There are often times where things happen suddenly and unexpectedly that force you and your team to change course. Despite this, you must be prepared to adapt to your new situation in a way that still reflects a respect for proper procedure. Nowhere is this more true than in emergencies, where a crane operator who follows safety procedures is an invaluable asset.


Operating a crane is a difficult concept to relate to others, but an ability to communicate effectively with others -- both novices and experts -- is absolutely essential to being a reliable crane operator. Whether you are being the one trained (and having to ask clarifying questions) or the one who is doing the training (and having to explain complex operations), good communication is always key.

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