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Tips For Saving Money On Aggregate For Your Next Big Project

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Whether you need aggregate for the installation of a French drain or a retaining wall, you might be concerned about the cost of it. To help you save as much money as you can, you will want to take a few moments to review the following suggestions.

Advertise Locally

You can place an advertisement in the local newspaper, place a sign in your yard, or hang some little signs on several bulletin boards around town. You can normally find bulletin boards to advertise on at the library and grocery store. Some post offices will have them for public use as well. You will simply want to advertise that you are looking for cheap or free aggregate for a project that you are working on. Some individuals and business owners will have a lot of extra aggregate on hand that they want to get rid of because of the space it is taking up. They might have ended up with it from a job that they were working on or when they had to excavate the property around their home or business. Additionally, you can look for signs and advertisements of those people who are trying their best to get rid of the aggregate that they have no use for.

Buy In Bulk

If you are forced to purchase your aggregate from a supplier, you may want to ask if there is a special price or discount that you can receive if you buy larger quantities. Even if you only need a small amount for one French drain that you are working on, you may have future plans for your property that will also need aggregate. For example, you might need to dig additional drain lines or put down a base for a new driveway. If you do not have any plans like that, you might have friends or family who could use aggregate and would be willing to split the cost with you for the larger order because it would save you both money in the end.

Call Landscaping And Construction Companies

Sometimes, these companies need a place to dump the excess aggregate that they ended up with, but they are running out of places to go. If you give them a call and explain what you are looking for, they may be willing to give you a call when they have extra aggregate.

By making use of the previously mentioned suggestions, you should have no trouble making sure that you are saving some money.

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