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Choosing The Right Concrete Saw For Your Home Demolition Project

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If you need to rent a concrete saw for a demolition project at your home, then you've come to the right place! For your safety and peace of mind, it is vital that you rent the right concrete saw for the cutting job you need to complete.

Here is some information to help you decide which concrete saw you should rent:

The 3 Types of Concrete Saws

You have three different types of concrete saws that you can choose from at your local construction rental company. They are:

  1. electric powered
  2. air powered
  3. hydraulic powered

Typically, air and hydraulic powered concrete saws are used by construction crews in concert with an air compressor or hydraulic system. If you do not have access to a construction-grade air compressor or hydraulic system, then you will need to rent an electric powered concrete saw.

Handheld and Walk-Behind Concrete Saws

All three types of concrete saws come in two different handling options:

  1. handheld
  2. walk-behind

As their names signify, handheld saws are used by holding them in your hands while cutting while walk-behind saws are held in metal frames and you walk behind them while pushing the saw like you would a lawnmower. 

If you are demolishing a patio or concrete slab, then you should rent the walk-behind saw option. For cutting concrete walls or other structures that are off of the ground, you should rent the handheld concrete saw.

Wet and Dry Concrete Saws

There are two other options that you have to choose from in a rented concrete saw, which are

  1. wet cutting
  2. dry cutting

While all concrete saws use specialized diamond blades, some require lubrication for cutting and some do not. A saw that requires lubrication to cut is known as a "wet" saw. Wet concrete saws use water to lubricate their blades, in the same way that a tile saw does. Dry saws do not use any lubrication.

If you are cutting a small amount of concrete outside, then a dry saw will do the job just fine. However, for larger jobs or those where dust creation is a problem, you should rent a wet saw.

Note: Please be kind to the earth by recycling the concrete chunks that you remove during your demolition project. The concrete can be ground and reused in other construction projects rather than going into a landfill.


Now that you understand all of your options for renting a concrete saw for your home demolition project, you can rent the right tool to complete your concrete removal job. If you have additional questions about renting concrete saws or any other type of construction equipment, you should contact a local construction equipment rental company such as Ignite Rental Solutions Ltd heavy equipment rental.